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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Where do we meet you, once we get off the ship?

When you get off the ship, we will be at the exit gate with a sign bearing your name.

2.  How do we pay?

After you contact us and we confirm the costs and schedule of your trip, you can pay for the tour in advance through PayPal. You can do this through our PayPal link.  Payment options are 1) PayPal account, 2) credit card, or 3) direct from your bank account.

3.  When can we book?

Book as early as you like. If you cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your tour time, your payment will be refunded. Later than that, only 50% of your tour payment will be returned.

4.  How long is the tour?

The sightseeing aspect of the tour is generally 2 hours long. However, shopping and beach time depends on the number of hours your group decides to spend on the beach and/or shopping. We simply drop you off and pick you up at your requested time.

5.  Will I get back to the ship on time?

You will most definitely get back to the ship on time, because we work around your schedule, and your happiness is our business. So you will be back to the ship at your requested time.

6.  What is the pickup time? If our ship arrives late, will we still meet you?

Pickup time is generally 9:00 a.m . - 9:30 a.m. However, if your ship docks later, we will accommodate you.